We want your equipment to run efficiently.

Our goal: lower costs while ensuring longtime efficiency.

  • The best lubricant solutions

    With over 25 years of practical industry experience and a wide range of tested products we are your specialist for triblological solutions. We can supply you with the best solutions at the most attractive prices for your needs. When necessary we will develop new ones. We thrive on challenges in this area - the more specialized the better.


    Company policy

    We supply our customers with intelligent, economical and durable solutions.  We work with a view to sustainability and  conserving resources.  We devote our innovation potential, application know-how, and the profound knowledge of our tribological experts to expanding the specialized lubricant segment. You will find us where our clients are in action, on the spot.  We offer individual service, according to the needs of OEM's and users.

    Specialized associations

    We are a member of the GfT. Neukirch Lubrication is active with specialized associations which develop progressive standards and norms with measurable benfit for the users.




    "We want to ensure optimal function and long life  for your machines and equipment "

    Gert Neukirch, Managing Director