Best protection against wear and tear guaranteed.

Demands differ - chain oils do too.

Modern chain oils must fulfill many requirements. For best protection against wear and tear they sometimes are required to have opposing qualities such as creeping, adhesiveness, corrosion protection and depending on usage good temperature and vaporization stability. Our chain oils and lubricants fulfill these requirements. 



High heat lubricants

Synthetic high heat lubricants for chain lubrication in continuous furnaces and dryers with temperatures up to 300°C.  For different systems, chain and furnace types oils with different qualities are needed.  Some usages are in particle board construction, glass manufacturing, fabric frames, calenders, etc. For all of these we offer a large choice of oil types.

Universal chain oil 

For temperatures up to 150°C we recommend VISCOL for chain lubrication and as a bearing oil in industrial contexts.  It is characterized by high adhesiveness under strong centrifugal forces and strong vibrations. It is especially water resistant.  The long life stability makes it useful as a long-lasting lubricant.


We also have products for chain conservation on offer.




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High heat 

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