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Food-safe lubrication solutions

Food-safe lubricants fulfill certain requirements that make inadvertant contact with foods physiologically harmless.  This means that foods that have been contaminated by the lubricant will cause no health problems when ingested.  They have approval according to the Deutsches Arzneimittelbuch and the two American offices FDA and USDA, classified as NSF H1-H4, under the classification food-based lubricant regulations.

Harmlessness guaranteed by Deutsches Arzneimittelbuch and FDA and USDA




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Physiologically harmless

 LM-Fett (grease)

  • Lubrinox 2
  • Fluostar SX 2
  • Multiplex FD

LM-Öl (oil)

  • Fluostar Chain
  • Mobil SHC Cibus
  • Weißöl
  • Purity FG HT Fluid
  • Reflo 68 A


  • WXA